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The 3 Mat System

The ultimate entrance system for your building

Did you know that on average, 80% of dirt gets into a building through the main entrance?

By strategically installing the right mats in the entrances to your building, you can significantly reduce the ingress of dirt and moisture, and as a result, dramatically reduce your cleaning costs.

The intelligent approach to dirt control

Over the last 55 years, we have developed and advocated a three-mat system to successfully catch dirt and moisture before it enters your building. Few people actually wipe their feet when entering a commercial building so the more times feet land on mats, the more likely dirt is stopped at the door.

Primary Matting:

Removes coarse grit, heavy soil and some initial moisture, reducing dirt ingress and cutting cleaning costs.

Secondary Matting:

Absorbs more moisture and removes additional grit, protecting your staff and visitors from potential slip accidents.

Tertiary Matting:

Soaks up excess residue to ensure footwear is as clean and dry as possible before entering the main part of the building.

Create your own 3 Mat System today

Recommended Mats:

Kleen-Fit Concourse Tile
Jet-Print Outdoor
Kleen-Fit Matrix Tile
Iron-Horse XL
Jet-Print Vision
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