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The Kleen-Tex Story

Kleen-Tex – Through the Decades

Kleen-Tex is the premier manufacturer of washable floor mats. We have come a long way since we invented the washable rubber backed mat over half a century ago. Since then, the Kleen-Tex name has become synonymous with the spirit of innovation and global expansion. Our mats can be found anywhere in the world, and in every type of building. Whether they provide safety at your workplace, promote your favourite retail brand, greet you at the local diner, or welcome you home, all our mats are manufactured to the highest standard of excellence.

Ralph at work

1960s - 70s – In the Beginning

Kleen-Tex was founded in 1967 by father-son duo, R.W. “Frog” Howard, Sr. and Ralph W. Howard, Jr., in LaGrange, Georgia, USA. Not long after inventing Wash-Horse, the first washable rubber-backed mat, that the company began exporting products to industrial rental laundries around the globe.

Kleen-Tex Historic Company Car

1980s - 90s – Early Expansion & Innovation

Early on the Howards understood the economics of establishing manufacturing facilities in geographical areas where customers are located. Starting in the UK, and then expanding to Japan, Kleen-Tex laid the groundwork for a business strategy that has stood the test of time. Kleen-Tex continued to grow with distribution into Canada and manufacturing in South Africa, Austria and Poland.

These early years also saw leaps in innovation as Kleen-Tex introduced Graphic Inlay, Jet Print and Graphic Tuft logo mats to the marketplace. We also established our own rubber company to expedite the manufacturing process, introduced several all-rubber industrial and anti-fatigue mats to our line, and achieved ISO 9001 accreditation.

2000s - 10s – Global Vision

2000s - 10s – Global Vision

Kleen-Tex opened a sales office in Brazil, started manufacturing in Thailand, and acquired four mat companies: Guardian Mats LLC UK, Golden Star Europe, WMK GmbH, and Turtle Mat UK. The latter two
brought two residential brands into the Kleen-Tex family.

Kleen-Tex also saw a new era unfold as Ralph Howard retires as president and his son, Bruce, takes over the helm as CEO. Bruce introduced his own unique method of setting the vision, mission, and values of the company. Our global KPIs and OKRs set the strategy for continued growth and customer satisfaction.

Kleen-Tex 50 Years Celebration

2020s - The Kleen-Tex Way

In just a few short years Kleen-Tex will celebrate its 60th year in business. With over 660 employees located in eight countries, the future looks bright for Kleen-Tex as we continue to innovate, expand, and explore new ways to make more of your floor!

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