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Simple, effective, anti-fatigue comfort mats for the workplace.

Why Choose Kleen-Foam?

• Deep cushioning floor pads
• Anti-fatigue mat for industrial areas
• Improves employee well being
• Improves productivity
• Impact resistance minimises product or tool breakage due to accidental drop
• 2 year Manufacturers Guarantee
• Made in Europe

Colours: Black

• 45 x 70 cm
• 70 x 135 cm


• Workstations
• Production lines

Care Instructions

• Vacuum
• Steam clean
• Pressure wash

Technical Information

• 100% Foam rubber

Surface details:
• Slip resistant textured rubber
• Drainage holes
• Black

+44 (0)1204 705070



Long periods of standing at work can lead to back problems as well as problems with the legs and feet. This can create tension, stiffness, inflammation and even varicose veins. The result is lost time due to illness and low productivity due to fatigue and discomfort. A useful contribution to on-the-job safety and employee well-being is to equip workstations with special anti-fatigue mats. The Kleen-Foam mat is a simple and effective way to provide relief for employees who are subjected to the fatigue caused by standing for long periods.