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Kleen-Sticky Mat

Maximise the prevention of contamination with this anti-bacterial barrier matting.
Anti-microbial Made in Europe

Why Choose Kleen-Sticky Mat?

• Maximise reduction of foot borne contamination
• Facilitates cart and foot traffic
• 30 or 60 layers of instant renewed protection
• Anti-bacterial element
• Optional nitrile rubber containment frame
• Made in Europe


• 90 x 45 cm
• 90 x 60 cm
• 115 x 45 cm
• 115 x 60 cm
• 115 x 90 cm

Mat Frames:
• 126 x 56 cm
• 126 x 71 cm
• 126 x 101 cm


• Medical facility
• Surgery
• Laboratory
• Clean room entrance

Care Instructions

• Disposable sticky layers

Technical Information

• 30 or 60 polythylene sticky layers
• Frame: Nitrile rubber

Surface details:
• Adhesive surface ensures maximum contamination removal
• Anti-bacterial element
• Peel off layers to maintain effectiveness

+44 (0)1204 705070

Kleen-Sticky Mat

Kleen-Sticky Mat

For maximum removal of fine dust, dirt and other contaminants often missed by conventional mats.

Peel-off sticky polyethylene mats produced for disposal of impurity or contamination from shoes and trolley wheels in zones of high hygienic demands.

Used in entry rooms to surgeries, filters, ICU's or laboratories, as well as in biological and nuclear industry, in the semiconductor factories, or other workplaces where high hygiene is required.

Kleen Sticky Mat Frames are also available to facilitate easy relocation and floor maintenance. Constructed with slip-resistant Nitrile rubber and low profile edges for cart traffic.


Kleen-Sticky Mat Assets