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Kleen-Wheel Forklift

Heavy duty forklift truck and dispatch area mat.
Eco Friendly Vacuum clean Carpet cleaning Lay flat to dry Light fast Suitable for under floor heating Anti-static properties Made in Europe

Why Choose Kleen-Wheel Forklift?

• Removes dirt and moisture from forklift wheels
• Reduces the risk of slips due to a wet floor
• Savings on cleaning costs and time
• Extra thick rubber backing for strength
• Highly absorbent and durable surface
• Made with 15% recycled rubber content
• Made in Europe

Colours: Mineral Grey

• 85 cm
• 115 cm
• 150 cm
• 200 cm

• Max width 200 cm
• Max length 700 cm


• Warehouse traffic
• Forklift trucks
• Boom lifts
• Pallet trucks
• Stackers
• Cherry pickers
• Side loaders

Care Instructions

• Vacuum
• Carpet cleaning

Technical Information

• Micro Nylon and High-Twist Nylon Polyamide 6
• Sustainable yarn made from 50% post industrial waste
• Nitrile rubber

Surface details:
• Solution dyed
• Extra thick nitrile rubber backing

+44 (0)1204 705070

Kleen-Wheel Forklift

Kleen-Wheel Forklift

Warehouse entrance mats for wheeled equipment.

Extra strong floor mat for big, heavy, warehouse traffic such as forklift trucks, boom lifts, pallet trucks, stackers, cherry pickers, side loaders and other wheeled equipment.

This heavy duty mat removes water and dirt from wheels as they enter your building, keeping your loading bay floor clean and dry.

Reduces the risk of employees slipping on a wet floor and lessens the ingress of dirt and moisture, saving you time and money on floor cleaning.


Kleen-Wheel Forklift Assets