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Recycled Fabric

Since 2022, all new products developed by Kleen-Tex Europe contain raw materials with recycled content in either their fabric and/or rubber components. We have successfully worked with our key yarn supplier to set ambitious targets to utilise EU-based post-manufactured waste into new yarns – RENYCLE 50, and RENYCLE 75, which contain a minimum of 50% and 75% recycled material, respectively.

For example, our EcoAbsorb product is manufactured from Renycle 50 recycled yarn. Compared to standard yarn, this product saves energy, reduces CO2 emissions, reduces water consumption, and decreases waste during production. Furthermore, EcoAbsorb floor matting dries 37% faster than cotton mats, saving valuable energy, time, and money during laundry cycles.

Renycle yarn maintains its technological value and performance over time without compromising the environment. The production of Renycle polymers is entirely green, sourced from renewable resources.

Compared to standard yarn production, Renycle yarn achieves significant saving: 84% in energy, 54% in water, and a 58% reduction in CO2 emissions. Together, these attributes make Renycle yarn a substantial advancement toward greener mat-manufacturing processes.

In addition to Renycle yarn, Kleen-Tex also utilises fabric constructed from recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic bottles. For instance, our Green-Horse product is made from recycled PET plastics. This greener production approach does not affect its quality, however. The Green-Horse mat has great dirt capture properties, shorter drying times, and a higher heat resistance.


We are continuously exploring ways to expand our dedicated range of floor matting systems manufactured from recycled materials, including our ECONYL® regenerated nylon, made entirely from ocean and landfill waste. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is identical to brand new nylon, and can be recycled, recreated, and reused infinitely.

Utilising regenerated nylon – a reusable and sustainable material - helps us to create a better, cleaner, and safer environment for our ourselves and nature. In addition to being reusable, ECONYL® also minimises the release of microplastics into the environment. Microplastics, which are minute plastic particles (typically less than 5mm in size), are a huge concern to human and marine life, as well as to the natural environment. Thus, moving towards regenerated nylon offers substantial environmental benefits.

Eco Friendly Mats

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